Welcome Alumni!
          Camp Pinehurst is alive and well and is looking forward to the 2015 summer to celebrate its 70th season.  John and Jean Curtis are still active Directors along with their son Jack and his wife Elizabeth.  Pinehurst remains true to its strong history  and traditions but has made a few adjustments to keep up with the changing times.  Not only do we now have kayaking, a climbing wall, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting trips...but we now also have girls!
Every year, countless Alums contact us, pay us a visit or just stumble across our web site.  All of them experience a blast from the past and immediately ask,

 "What can Alumni do to help Camp Pinehurst today?"

We would love any and all help that you can offer and we have the following suggestions:

Camper referrals-       Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends...we are    
                                            always   looking for a few more campers at Pinehurst!    
Staff referrals-             Do you know someone looking for a rewarding summer job at a  
                                            fantastic summer camp?  Tell them about Pinehurst!

Financial Gifts-            Make a contribution for camper scholarships- contact us to make a
                                            tax-deductible donation to the Viking Fund!
Goods or Services

Check back here soon for Alumni photos!!!
Feel free to sign on to the Camp Pinehurst message board.  
Share a memory, shout out to a friend or just say hello!
(Please keep in mind that this is a public forum- so
some of those "Good 'ol Days" stories might best be shared by a phone call or an email!)