Camp Pinehurst runs sessions for 2,3,4,5 or 6 weeks.  Maximum camper enrollment is 85 and our camper to staff ratio is 3-1.  Pinehurst is lucky to have campers from all over the United States...not to mention children from England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany.



Camp Pinehurst has an excellent chef who prepares all meals to be served "family style" in our dining hall.  Campers are seated at tables of six campers with two counselors.    Counselors serve the children equal portions and the campers help out with the clearing of the dishes.  Check out the Parent and Camper mailbag for comments on our fantastic menu...Pinehurst campers are never late to the dining hall when the meal bell rings!

Campers live in screened cabins with electricity.  Two to three counselors live in each cabin for constant supervision.  Our counselor staff is a select group of highly qualified young men and women, many of whom have been Pinehurst campers and have completed the Pinehurst counselor training program.







Camp Pinehurst boasts 1,000 feet of shore frontage and sits on 60 acres of land.  Facilities include a soccer field, baseball diamond, archery range, rifle range, two pro surface tennis courts, a basketball court, craft cabin, "H" dock system, mountain bike skill center, several mountain bike trails, a recreation hall, a dining hall, a large bathroom facility with showers, 11 cabins and an infirmary with a registered RN.  Check out our Map and Tour for more details!

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