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PLEASE label everything from fishing rods and tennis racquets to Pinehurst shirts and underwear!!  For clothing, either use nametapes or a laundry-marking pen.  A Sharpie works well for labeling other equipment.  Also, a complete packing list will help us find all of your camper's items when it's time to return from camp!  Please send one with your camper(s).

The Basics:                    
4 (or more) Pinehurst t-shirts
4 Pinehurst shorts
1 Pinehurst hooded sweatshirt
1 Pinehurst sweatpants
1 WHITE Pinehurst laundry bag
Other Needed Clothing:
2 (or more) bathing suits
(Athletic one piece suits for girls)
9 pairs of socks
9 pairs of undergarments
2 pairs of pajamas
Warm bathrobe
Long sleeve shirt(s)
3 extra t-shirts
Extra shorts
2 pairs jeans/pants
1 warm jacket and/or fleece
Rain jacket
Towels and Bedding:
3 Blankets
1 Pillow
2 Pillowcases
2 sets of TWIN sheets
4 towels
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of sandals
2 pairs of sneakers
Optional- hiking boots & cleats

Other Gear:
Duffle bags (for packing- please no trunks or suitcases!)
1 Sleeping bag (overnight trips)
1 Flashlight (extra batteries)
Shower caddy or toiletry kit
1 Toothbrush & toothpaste
1 Bar of soap (travel container)
1 Shampoo
Other toiletries
1 Insulated drinking cup
1 Water bottle
Baseball cap
Tennis racquet, 1 can tennis balls
Books, stationery, pens, stamps, addresses
Fishing equipment
Optional- swim goggles/mask, swim fins, baseball glove & shin guards

*** All articles brought to Camp Pinehurst must have clearly marked name labels!!!***
Laundry goes out every Thursday evening and is returned clean and folded on Friday morning!

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